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There are over 11,100 jobs in the West Oakland area currently, not including jobs at the Port of Oakland. About 75% of those jobs are in the industrial and manufacturing sectors, and about 25% are in retail or offices uses. Retail employment is expected to grow with the development of new market-rate housing. The West Oakland Transit Village at BART will add a new office and flex space development to the Seventh Street area, while protecting and supporting historical architecture housing small local business.

By 2020 (ABAG Projections 2009) the area could grow to provide 18,428 jobs, and the development of the Oakland Global Logistics Center will bring thousands of middle income jobs within the expected millions of square feet of new industrial development.

The West Oakland Job Resource Center was developed to assist in helping local residents identify potential local jobs and refer to training opportunities (in logistics, distribution and initially construction) where they intersect with new job creation through the Global Logistics Center. The West Oakland One Stop Career Center, run by the Oakland Private Industry Council, is located alongside the Job Resource Center, at the West Oakland Library. The Oakland Workforce Investment Board, Laney College, Cypress Mandela Training Center, the West Oakland Job Resource Center, EASTBAY Works – plus additional skilled trades training organizations – are just some of the local resources that can help connect employers with qualified employees in a variety of industries.

Local Workforce Development and Job Training

The West Oakland Neighborhood Career Center (WOCC) was launched on July 1, 2014 as a satellite operation of the Downtown Oakland Private Industry Council’s Comprehensive One-Stop Career Center. The WOCC location is actually housed in the same building as the West Oakland Library, 1801 Adeline Street, Room 209. Since its launch, the WOCC has served 3,844 people as of May 1, 2015 and is currently averaging 387 individuals a month. Officially, the WOCC has enrolled 104 Workforce Investment Act (WIA) clients and has placed 32 individuals with local employers. The mission and focus of the work done at WOCC is to teach and assist people with getting a job and keeping it. They help identify dislocated workers who may be eligible for training opportunities funded with WIA monies; obtaining federal dollars is a primary focus the work.

The future vision of the WOCC is a big one. Program offerings include a variety of workshops that include:

  • The Standards of Successful Interviewing
  • Computer Classes for entry level, intermediate and advanced users
  • The Fundamentals of Starting a Business
  • West Oakland Wednesdays. Every Wednesday something new and interesting will be happening. Food Trucks, Tai Chi, guest speakers, walking tours of the Victorians of West Oakland and walking tours to see and learn about the wide variety of beautiful palm trees that live in West Oakland are just some of the offerings available.
  • How to Tap into the Hidden Labor Market
  • Understanding Local Labor Market

Overall, the WOCC exists to serve the people of Oakland who are in need of jobs, job training, building their computer skills, developing a network of friends and associates, and equally important, building strong relationships with the broad spectrum of employers in Oakland and the greater Bay Area. The WOCC is also an official location where folks eligible for CalFresh benefits (formerly known as Food Stamps) can apply and receive this important benefit.

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