10th and Wood: Historic Oak Point Neighborhood Eatery and Hangout

When 10th & Wood café owner Vladimir came out of a long performance career on-the- road with Cirque du Soleil, he sought out a landing place with a real community to attach to. The opportunity to purchase, and run, the local corner eating place at 10th & Wood Streets in the historic Oak Point neighborhood of West Oakland appealed to him. He saw it as a chance to provide for the neighborhood who had lived there, those moving in to the 1880’s Victorians, and the new residents of Wood St District, with home cooked, quality foods in the traditional tastes with new twists in fresh, healthy ingredients. 10th & Wood introduces new food awareness to the neighborhood, fresh vegetables, and an exposure to new approaches in the kitchen. He welcomes the conversations of a diverse range of customers who gather at his long communal tables for breakfast, lunch, and soon dinner. Vladimir introduces new menu items through his “specials”, and is a great place for catering for office and social lunches. Find him soon, nurturing a new family member (baby) at one such table, using his outgoing personal engagement style.